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MAGA High Knee Compression Sports Socks For Men And Women

MAGA High Knee Compression Sports Socks For Men And Women

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  • Fabric: 80% nylon 20% spandex
  • Applicable categories: Men/Women
  • Function: Breathable/ Absorb Sweat/Reduce varicose veins
  • Style: All Sport: Basketball, Bicycles, Track & field, Etc.
  • Pressure value: 20~30mmHg
  • Weight: 85g-100g
  • Size: S/M,L/XL
  • For the season: Spring /summer /Autumn/Winter
  • Quantity: One Pair

Features:-Comfortable, breathable and flexible

Help support muscles, reduce pressure on knees, calves and feet.

Why do you love them?

1. Help relieve the pain and compresses ligaments to reduce inflammation and speeds up the healing process.

2. Help prevent or relieve swelling, help control swelling by enhancing blood circulation, speed up the removal of cell waste, and reduce swelling and fatigue caused by sitting or standing for a long time. It is ideal for pregnant women and people who sit or stand for long periods of time during travel or work.

3. Reduce the risk of injury. Provide additional pressure support to stabilize the arch, ankle and muscles, minimize muscle vibration and micro-tearing, and prevent cramps and injuries.

Suitable for the crowd:

  • Athletes and active people engaged in sports, running, hiking, cycling, football and other activities.
  • Travelers or anyone who takes long-distance flights
  • Pregnant women
  • Doctors and Nurses,
  • Teachers, construction workers, chefs, production line workers and hotel service personnel who ask you to stand up frequently.
  • Work that needs to sit for a long time: office workers, drivers, etc.
  • People suffering from varicose veins, edema, plantar fasciitis, etc.

Maintenance instructions: Machine wash with cold water.

Don't bleach. Don't iron. Do not dry clean.

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